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1991 TRT 3 axle widening house trailer

In excellent condition with new COF and registration deck is 12.9m long and 17.5m long with clip on .89m high lowered and 1.6m high raised 3.1m wide closed and 4.26m...


1998 Hamelex 2 axle Tipulator

In excellent condition 22.5" axles 11R tyres tare weight 5,710 kgs spring suspension bin 7.4m long x 1.1m high dual swing tail door manual wind forward/back cover with new COF....


1999 Nissan Super Mikado CG460 Transporter

Tidy and ready for work, cof expires 23/12/23, 703kms, deck 8.1m long x 2.385m (internal) tare 11.820kms, GVM 30,000kgs, GCM 60,000kgs, 3.5 tonne towbar, 10 tonne drawbeam, hyd ramps


2004 TES 4 axle alloy bathtub trailer

in excellent condition, new COF, bin is 6.7m long x 1.2m high, deck liner, spring suspension, 19.5” ROR axles, tare 5,320kgs, GVM 29,000kgs


2024 SEC 5 axle alloy bath tub

bath tub 8.5m long x1.6m high, SAF intra disc axles with air suspension, alloy wheels


3 and 4 axle SEC semi Hardox side tippers

for safer tipping and better payloads, can be on HPMV


New SEC 2 axle Pintle Hook Trailer

Trailer is ready for compliancing, deck 6.075m long beaver tail 1.3m deck height 960mm hydraulic ramps 1.6m long (460mm gap between) deck and ramps fitted with 2" oregon chain box...


NEW SEC 3 axle bottom dumper

tare 5.9 tonnes, Hendrickson 19.5’ Intraax dual wheeled disc braked axles and air suspension, alloy wheels, Oscillating skid plate, 4 doors remotely controlled, ready for paint



Hydraulic ramps, air susp with raise/lower function, alloy ramps to top deck, high tensile Strenx construction, EBS, 2.8m wide, 14.5m long, 8.1 tonne tare - Enquire now



Insulated for hotmix, airabag suspension, HPMV capable, safe stable load ejection, able to couple to pavers, designed for New Zealand conditions. Two models available.

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